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Beautiful is a jukebox musical tribute to Carole King’s life as a singer and songwriter. The first ever Beautiful musical was aired in 2013 at the Curran Theater, San Francisco. The show featured many of the songs written by Carole King with the help of Gerry Coffin, and featured songs from the likes of Phil Spector, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Well. The entire musical was choreographed by Josh Prince under the direction of Marc Bruni. Beautiful became a theatrical phenomenon, prompting the release of a Broadway special at the Stephen Sondheim Theater in early 2014. Britain’s West End theaters soon picked up, airing the show for the first time in early 2015 while an official tour launched later in September the same year. Carole King’s musical continues to play in several Broadway theaters all over America. The North American tour is ongoing, with Carole King showing in theaters like Orpheum (Memphis), Saenger (New Orleans), Majestic (San Antonio), Bass Concert (Austin), and Musical Hall (Kansas City) to mention a few. The London Broadway special is equally alive with great hits from the 60s all the way to the 80s. The Guardian describes the shows as ‘A Tapestry of Great Hits’, while the Daily Telegraph describes it as a ‘Magical show that sends shivers down the Spine'. Beautiful features great award-winning hits like ‘You Make Me Feel Like-A Natural Woman’, and Will You Love Me Tomorrow'. The Australian musical tour is underway and pretty soon Beautiful will open in theaters in Sydney, Perth, and other Australian cities. Beautiful has won two Tony Awards in 2014 and one of its lead actors scooping the Tony Award for Best Performance. The Carole King Broadway continue to be showcased each week in both the North American and London Tours.

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